News & Events

April 2018

Delphos International Managing Director Linda Habgood will speak at the TXF: Development & Agency Finance Conference, held in Washington, DC on April 18. Ms. Habgood will partake in a panel discussing the growing role of alternative (non-bank) funding sources in frontier and emerging markets. For more detail on the conference, please visit here.

February 2018

A Delphos International-led consortium recently won a competitive tender to perform a feasibility study of a proposed integrated liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) importation and gas-to-power project in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

January 2018

Delphos International’s Svetoslav Gatchev recently spoke to U.S. Trade and Development Agency ("USTDA") about the liquefied natural gas ("LNG") sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mr. Gatchev shared his views on the benefits of LNG projects, reforms required to unlock LNG projects, and opportunities for U.S. companies. Delphos International is currently advising public agencies and project developers on LNG projects in the region, including LNG import terminals, gas transmission networks, LNG-to-power facilities, among others.

September 2017

Delphos International has secured a commitment from OPIC for a $10 million senior debt facility for Ukrainian lender Agroprosperis Bank (AP Bank).  The loan will be used to expand AP Bank's working capital lending to small and medium enterprise (SME) farmers in Ukraine, who represent 30% of the agriculture sector in the country but have traditionally lacked access to capital.  AP Bank is a portfolio company of NCH Capital, the New York-based fund manager with over two decades of experience investing in Ukraine and the surrounding region.  

July 2017

Delphos recently completed the first phase of a study on Myanmar’s energy sector under a project financed by the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). At the request of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, the study was expanded to include the state of the national electricity grid and its capacity to handle power from renewable sources. The manager of the project, Mr.